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music post/mini-primer: marianas trench!

I feel the need to clarify right away that this primer is not about the Mariana Trench, aka the deepest point of the Earth's crust, but rather Canada's attempt at Fall Out Boy... except if Pete circa 2005 were the singer/guitarist, and no Joe, Patrick or Andy but rather three other amusing failbros were in the band instead.

Guys, I have big BIG heart-eyes for Marianas Trench, as they're pretty endearing in their fail. I finally got to see them live last week when I was in Calgary (they played the Stampede! There was ridiculous unplanned linedancing!) and I felt, that's it, the Americans on my flist are suffering hard. We Canadians can't squirrel these dudes away forever. I really need to share them with the internet bandom world.

Besides, I was uploading their albums for [livejournal.com profile] afjdevon tonight anyway, and it seemed like a good time to not waste good sendspace links. This primer is therefore pretty much all her fault and she didn't even realize. :D


QUICK! Introductions!

Josh Ramsay - vocals/guitar/piano/flugel horn/karate wind (who am I to question liner notes?)

The band started as a solo project, and he needed a band to tour with. Eventually, it morphed into a whole-band thing, but, based on their videos and live performances, it kinda is still Josh-and-his-band but not in a bad way. He's battled heroin addiction, fought bulimia on top of that, and written a shitload of songs about both, so tortured artist? Check. He's definitely got the whiney emo self-deprecating hotass frontman thing down pat. It's no secret that I kind of love him.

Also, hey, his teal-streaked hair is reminiscent of one [livejournal.com profile] canadiankracka, which is A-OK with me. ♥

The caption under this pic on flickr:
Girl: Josh, I wanna fuck you!
Josh: That's a very nice thing to shout at someone...

(Therefore let's not say anything about how I feel about his tongue stud. Jinkies.)


Matt Webb - guitar/vocals/piano (primarily early stuff)/pellet gun/trombone

He and Josh have been besties since high school, and was the first person Josh called when he decided to do the band thing. He's also the only other remaining member of the original lineup. Matt's generally just precious and does all kinds of ridiculous things with secondary vocals. He may eventually become my favourite.

Also, please enjoy this quote I came across on an ancient fansite: he joined the band "originally as a keyboard player, then switched to guitar because keyboards are gay. I would really enjoy throwing my keyboard over the Lions Gate bridge, I just can't afford another one right now. I need it for like 2 songs."

Yeah, yeah, GINASFS and all... but ♥MATT!♥

(PS: Josh now generally plays the keys when necessary.)


Mike Ayley - bass/vocals/trumpet/house plants

He's the 'real boy' of MTrench. The one who can grow a beard if he wants and his pants are of a appropriate slim-but-not-skinny dudebro tightness. Often wears sports jersey-like shirts. The curly mop he once had is more of a faux-hawk these days, but he could still potentially be mistaken for a member of a less ridiculous band.


Ian Casselman - drums/vocals/general sweetness/whistling/sousaphone

Dude occasionally has some large, ridiculous hair (not unlike another Ian we know), only blonder and more appropriate for drum playing. He also occasionally looks a little like The Butcher, which I don't think anyone is going to have a problem with. Employee of the Month, indeed!


Hey hey, group photo time!

Matt is not concerned for his (or Josh's) safety.

Makeover makeover!

Yeah, they arrived to the MMVAs on this balloon-covered parade float.

I think someone put lipstick on Josh?

Way to damage everyone's hearing, dude.

Training montage!

These pictures are too sedentary! You need moving images!

Starting at the very beginning (a very good place to start):

"Say Anything" - This is definitely NOT a comment on Pete's pictures or anything. Ian's teaparty = A+ acting.

"Decided to Break it" - I don't think I emphasized enough that there are a LOT of vocals in this band, not just Josh. Seriously, I could listen to these boys harmonize with each other all day long.

"Shake Tramp" - The first time I saw this video, it was with Josh making fun of himself on Video on Trial-- he was the first and at that point, only artist to be a guest judge and comment on their own work. He insists he had professional dance lessons. :P This is also the point where their videos become 'the flaily Josh show' instead of really incorporating the whole band (something TAI fans know a little something about.)

"Cross my Heart" - Please ignore Josh's inability to clap with the beat. Also, I hate that oblivious girl's stupid hat.

"Cross my Heart" - Behind the scenes/making of!

"All To Myself" - I can't tell you how many times I've watched this video since it aired. I like it a little too much. Secretly sexy nerd couple! Slow running! Frosted Tips! Josh dressed like Pete at the VMAs! "REALLY?!" :DDDD

"All To Myself" - Behind the scenes/making of! I'm not really certain there's any kind of fic written about these dudes, but watch for the Ian/Matt ass-tap all the same.


"Beside You" - It's more of a cell phone commercial than any FOB or Panic video ever has been, and they didn't even need a lot of fancy special effects in this vid-- just a bunch of super sexy symphony musicians from Vancouver and the use of their overhead video screens. Still, I'm digging it.

"Beside You" - Behind the scenes. Two men, a midget, and a donkey.

...aaaaaand this is totally not a music video, but it's 10 minutes well spent, if you wish to just jump and get into this band quickly. It's like going out to eat with them at a shitty diner on a road trip, and Ian eating almost 40 shrimp. Plus pie. And the rest of the trip to LA from Vancouver, and Raine fucking Maida's house, and back again to the Cross My Heart video shoot (superior behind the scenes-ness... aka, Matt and Mike are in it.) It further encourages Matt becoming the favourite. Enjoy "Shrimpi":

You can find all these (AND MUCH MUCH MORE) on their YouTubes channel. I particularly recommend their various countdowns and TV spots.

SO! After all that, maybe you like them enough and want the music?:
- Fix Me (2006)
- Masterpiece Theatre (2009)

I also threw the sweet, sweet acoustic version of "Cross My Heart" in the Masterpiece Theatre zip, just as a little something extra to keep you warm at night.

And a few extra links, if you wish to learn more:

Follow them on twitter: @mtrench (it's pretty much just Mike) or @joshramsay, friend them on myspace, fan them on facebook, and check out their official site! Also go join [livejournal.com profile] marianastrench, as it is woefully inactive and needs fresh blood.

Now, if only they would fucking come out to the East Coast for more than that one random PEI festival show, I'd get to use my open-ended, whenever-they-come-near-you M&G pass that came with my de-luxe Masterpiece Theatre CD. And if only I had someone who wanted to come to the show and M&G with me... *coughHINTcough*

Hooray, they came! I got my M&G (and [livejournal.com profile] afjdevon came with!) Please note how awesome Mike's :D face is in this M&G picture. His :D is responsible for my :D!

Also Josh was there and we were pale kids in leather together.


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Thanks for putting this all together and thanks most of all for letting me read it!! I've only been listening to them for the past few hours but I'm already hooked. They really are talented and it is time for them to be popular in the US now so I can see them lots and lots, haha.

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I should have checked it before you came so that I could have at least made sure all of the images were working. Ooops! That's what I get for linking to other people's stuff. I'm going to fix it!
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Okay, not only are the Matt pictures working now, but I also updated it with their newest music video (for Beside You) and my dorky M&G pics. And then just made it a public post incase other people want to share this in the future. :D

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Awesome! Thank you so much. :)