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I feel the need to clarify right away that this primer is not about the Mariana Trench, aka the deepest point of the Earth's crust, but rather Canada's attempt at Fall Out Boy... except if Pete circa 2005 were the singer/guitarist, and no Joe, Patrick or Andy but rather three other amusing failbros were in the band instead.

Guys, I have big BIG heart-eyes for Marianas Trench, as they're pretty endearing in their fail. I finally got to see them live last week when I was in Calgary (they played the Stampede! There was ridiculous unplanned linedancing!) and I felt, that's it, the Americans on my flist are suffering hard. We Canadians can't squirrel these dudes away forever. I really need to share them with the internet bandom world.

Besides, I was uploading their albums for [livejournal.com profile] afjdevon tonight anyway, and it seemed like a good time to not waste good sendspace links. This primer is therefore pretty much all her fault and she didn't even realize. :D

SO: a very basic mini-primer (with helpful pictures) )

These pictures are too sedentary! You need moving images!

the music videos )

SO! After all that, maybe you like them enough and want the music?:
- Fix Me (2006)
- Masterpiece Theatre (2009)

I also threw the sweet, sweet acoustic version of "Cross My Heart" in the Masterpiece Theatre zip, just as a little something extra to keep you warm at night.

And a few extra links, if you wish to learn more:

Follow them on twitter: @mtrench (it's pretty much just Mike) or @joshramsay, friend them on myspace, fan them on facebook, and check out their official site! Also go join [livejournal.com profile] marianastrench, as it is woefully inactive and needs fresh blood.

Now, if only they would fucking come out to the East Coast for more than that one random PEI festival show, I'd get to use my open-ended, whenever-they-come-near-you M&G pass that came with my de-luxe Masterpiece Theatre CD. And if only I had someone who wanted to come to the show and M&G with me... *coughHINTcough*

Hooray, they came! I got my M&G (and [livejournal.com profile] afjdevon came with!) Please note how awesome Mike's :D face is in this M&G picture. His :D is responsible for my :D!

Also Josh was there and we were pale kids in leather together.



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